Mrs. World 2018, Alice Lee Giannetta, Esq.
世界夫人2018年選美冠軍、 李浩宜 律師

Alice won the prestigious  Mrs. World crown at the Emperor’s Palace,  Johannesburg South Africa on Dec 16, 2017.  

李浩宜 2017年的傳記 中文版

About Alice


Hello! Nice to meet you. I am honored to serve as your new Mrs. World 2018.

I am a feminist, an immigrant, a wife, lawyer...and an accidental pageant girl. Mrs. World was only my 3rd pageant. 

It is my mission to make our world a fairer place for all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and/ or religion.  Girls deserve equal access to education and women must be treated with dignity at the workplace. 

Let‘s Step It Up for Gender Equality. 

Thank you for joining me- together we can !

To be a Queen is to Serve

 My motto for winning a pageant is :  You don't not need the crown, but the crown needs you.

The Crown taught me that to be a Queen is to Serve. I am humbled by the opportunity to help countless children and charities in my home state of New York, all over the United States,  Russia,  and South Africa. 

I invite you to follow my reign and year of relentless service domestically and abroad under the tab "Alice Serves".

Watch Alice Win the Crown!

Compilation Video of Alice's winning performance on the final night of competition for the Mrs. World Crown in Johannesburg South Africa on 12/16/17. 

Special thanks to Crescent Dai for the video


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